About Bobcat

Bobcat nowadays is one of the greatest producers of construction and agricultural machinery, having more than 900 dealers in more than 75 countries. The main products of the company are compact excavators, attachments and skid steer loaders.

In Europe, the company achieved high level of popularity thanks to the European Marketing Center. Nevertheless, such popularity had not only positive effect on the Bobcat Company. The spread of their products in Europe made people name all the loaders Bobcat regardless of the brand. And it’s not the first year, when the company unsuccessfully tries to solve this situation.

During the period of about 50 years, the company underwent many changes, but one thing still stays the same – the aspiration of the company for being professionals of their field, guaranteeing the highest quality of all the production.

Bobcat Company offers a wide range of construction, loading and unloading, earthmoving, road building, agricultural and communication machinery. Peculiar feature of all the Bobcat products is high maneuverability, reliability, efficiency and convenience in usage.

Wheeled loaders, telehandler loaders, track mini-loaders, articulated loaders and mini-excavators represent the list of Bobcat machinery:

  • Wheeled mini-loaders (S70, S100, S130, S150, S160, S175, S175/H, S185, S205, S205/H, S220, S220/H, S250, S250/H, S300, S300/H, S330, S330/H, S510, S530, S550, S570, S590, S630, S630/H, S650, S650/H, S770, S770H, S850, S850H etc.)

  • Track mini-excavators (311, 316, 319, 320, 320C, 320D, 320G, 320T, 321, 322, 322D, 322G, 323, 325, 325C, 325D, 325G, 328, 328C, 328D, 328G, 329, 331, 331C, 331D, 331E, 331G, 334, 334C, 334D, 334G, 335, 335G, 337, 337C, 337D, 337G, 341, 341D, 341G, 418, 425, 425ZHS, 428, 430, 430AG, 430G, 430HAG, 430ZHS, 435, 435 ZTS, 435ZHS, 442, E08, E10, E14, E16, E17, E17z, E19, E20, E25, E26, E32, E35, E45, E50, E55, E60, E62, E80 etc.)

  • Track mini-loaders (T110, T140, T180, T190, T190H, T200, T200H, T250, T250H, T300, T300H, T320, T590, T650, T770, T870 etc.)

  • Skid steer mini-loaders (310, 313, 371, 440, 440B, 443B, 443B, 450, 453, 463, 463F, 520, 530, 533, 540, 542, 542B, 543, 543B, 553, 600, 610, 611, 620, 630, 631, 632, 641, 642, 642B, 643, 731, 741, 742, 742B, 743, 743B, 751, 753, 753F, 753G, 763, 763C, 763F, 763G, 763H, 773, 773F, 773G, 773H, 773T, 773TH, 7753, 825, 843, 843B, 853, 853H, 863, 863H, 864, 864H, 873, 873H, 883, 883G, 943, 953, 963, 974, 975, 980, A220, A300, A770, M610, S100, S130, S150, S160, S160 Turbo, S175, S175H, S185, S185 Turbo, S185H, S205, S220, S220H, S250, S250H, S300, S300H, S330, S450, S510, S530, S550, S570, S590, S630, S650, S70, S770, S850 etc.)

  • Frontlift mini-loaders (1600, 2000, 2400, 2410, AL275, AL350, AL440)

  • Mini-tractors (CT120, CT122, CT225, CT230, CT235, CT335, CT440, CT445, CT450 etc.)

  • Track excavators (442R, 444, E80)

  • Backhoe loaders (B100, B200, B250, B300, B700, B730, B750, B780, BL275, BL370, BL470, BL570 etc.)

  • Telehandler loaders (T2250, T35.105, T35.105L, T35.130S, T35.140S, T35100, T35120, T36.120SL, T40.180SLP, T40140, T40170, T41.140SLP, TL26.60, TL30.60, TL34.65HF, TL34.65HF Agri, TL35.70, TL35.70 Agri, TL358+Agri, TL360, TL38.70HF, TL38.70HF Agri, TL470, TR35160, TR38160, TR40250, TR45190, TR50210 etc.)

  • Diesel cars (2100, 2100S, 2200, 2200S, 2300, 3200, 3400, 3400XL, 3450, 3600, 3650 etc.)

  • Articulated loaders (AL275, AL350, AL440, WL350, WL440, 1600, 2000, 2400, 2410 etc.)

  • Tandem rollers (BCA12, BCA14, BCA24, BCT13, DX-700E)

  • Alternators (BG3.5, BG5, BGE7, BG3H, BGT, BG5H, BGE7H, BAP185, P185)

  • Vibratory roller attachment (BC110W, BC15, BC19, BC22, BC70W, BC90W)

PERIPARTS Company offers a wide range of either genuine or aftermarket parts necessary for qualitative servicing and repair of your Bobcat equipment. From our company you can order any parts, which include:

  • Engine and its components – crankshaft and camshaft, cylinder block head components, bearings, piston group, inlet and outlet valve, springs, fuel system equipment, sealing;

  • Hydraulics system – hydraulic motors, piston pump, hydraulic pumps (transmission, steering control), hydraulic cylinders, spare parts;

  • Transmission components – friction discs, cogwheels, spare parts, shafts, crosspieces, driveshaft, gearbox repair kit;

  • Hoses, belts and sealing – hydraulic cylinder repair kit, O-rings, gaskets and gasket kits, seals of various materials;

  • Electronics components – starters, alternators, sensors, ignition keys;

  • Consumables – hydraulic breaker bits, spare parts, bucket protection, filters, moldboard blades, side cutters, pins and teeth;

  • Attachments – hydraulic breakers, moldboards, rippers, adjusters, buckets, rippers, clamshell bucket, spare parts, buckets etc.;

  • Body parts – cabin parts, windows, spare parts.

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