About Cummins

CUMMINS is one of the greatest producers of diesel engines, and the expert in the sphere of their use and adaptation for any types of machinery. More than a million Cummins engines are used as a part of trucks, special machinery, city buses and coaches, anywhere in the world. Every such engine is the result of unique experience of developers and their ability to create effective engines with a great number of alternatives for their usage.

Today the key spheres for Cummins production are:

  1. Diesel engines for trucks and buses, ships, railway transport, agricultural and road construction equipment and many other industrial machinery.

  2. Diesel generator sets.

  3. Engine components: filters, turbine compressors, exhaust systems etc.

PERIPARTS Company suggests you buying qualitative parts for your Cummins machinery:

  1. Low-, medium- and high-powered engines (ISF 2.8, ISF 3.8, B 3.9, QSB 5.9, ISB 6.7, ISM 11, ISX 15, K 19, QSK 23, QSK 60, QSK 19G, B 3.3, QSB 5.9,  ISB 4.5/6.7, QSB 6.7, C 8.3, QSL 9, QSC 8.3, L 9, ISG 12, ISX 12, QST30, K 38, QSK 45, K 50, QSK 78, QSK 95, QSB 6.7G, QSK 60G, QSV 81, QSV 91)

  2. Cummins generator sets and their components (fuel solenoid, bearings, digital speed controllers, magnetic speed sensors, actuator, temperature sensor,  oil pressure sensor, oil temperature sensor etc.)

  3. A wide range of parts for different systems of internal-combustion engines:

  • Gaskets (intake manifold gasket, crankcase gasket, oil pan gasket, turbocharger gasket etc.)

  • Cylinder head (cylinder head bolt, cylinder head cover, shaft seal etc.)

  • Air intake system (air filter, throttle cable, intake manifold, air damper, linking cables etc.)

  • Valvetrain (gearwheel, camshaft, countershaft etc.)

  • Connecting rod gear (crankshaft, piston, piston ring set, connecting rod, connecting rod bolt etc.)

  • Lubrication system (oil filter, oil pan, oil pump, oil filter strainer, oil sump, oil thermostat etc.)

  • Engine mount (engine bracket, transmission mount etc.)

  • Exhaust gas recirculation system (exhaust gas recirculation valve, radiator, pressure sensor, temperature switch etc.)

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