About Gradall

Legendary Gradall excavator, the first excavator with telescopic boom in the world, was made in the early 1940s by two brothers Ray and Koop Ferwerda. In 1944, the brothers got the patent for their inventory, and shortly after, they signed the agreement about excavator production with Warner & Swasey Co. from Cleveland, USA. As years went by some other concerns joined Gradall Division branch: first - responsible for the production of tractors for cranes and dump trucks; second – responsible for the production of backhoe loaders of small size; third – responsible for the production of vehicles and hydraulic cranes. Later the owners of Gradall Company changed several times. Among them were Bendix Corp., GBKS, ICM Industries, investment group Morgan, Lewis, Githens and Ahn. In 1999, JLG Industries Company bought Gradall production. Eventually, in 2006 the company was joined to Alamo Group Inc.

Today the company produces:

  • Dump trucks (XL5110, XL6210)

  • Telehandler loaders (522D, 524D-2S, 524D-3S, 524DLoPro, 534D10-45, 534D6, G660, 534D6-42, 534D9, 534D9-45, 544D, G6-42A, G6-42P)

  • Track excavators (G3WD, XL 2200, XL 2200, G660E, G660G, XL 3200III, XL 4200 II, XL 4200III, XL 5200III)

  • Wheeled excavators (G1000, G3R, G3W, G660, G660B, G660C, G3W, G3W, G880, G880C, GW50466PC, XL 3300III, XL 4300 II, XL 4300III, XL3100, XL4100, XL4300, XL5100)

  • Excavator planner (XL 2210, XL 3100, XL 3100, XL 3100 III, XL 3210 II, XL 3210III, XL 3310III, XL 4100 II, XL 4100 III, XL 4210 II, XL 4210III, XL 4310III, XL 3300III, XL 3300III, XL 5100 III, XL 5210, XL 5210III, XL2200, XL2300, XL3100 (4x2), XL3100 (4x4), XL3200, XL4100 (6x4), XL4100 (6x4), XL3300, XL4100 (6x4), XL4100 (6x6), XL4200, XL5100 (6x4), XL5100 (6x6), XL5200)

PERIPARTS Company offers a wide range of Gradall spare parts for qualitative service and repair of machinery of this brand:

  • Engine and attaching parts (fan, muffler clamp, lock washer, tube assy, alternator, bracket, starter, hex locknut, support clamp, hose, warm clamp, exhaust tube, stud, O-ring, pulley, oil filter, fuel filter, filter element, drive belt, elbow, flywheel plate, plug, coupling, tube connector, cover, charge air tube, flat washer, radiator, mounting bracket, cover plate, draincock, socket, pump gasket, gear pump, etc.)

  • Frame and attaching parts (bearing cover, center pin, cover plate, track roller, carrier roller, crawler drive, hard washer, capscrew, gasket, grommet, door, latch assy, hex nut, flex washer, strut bracket, cover guide, socket, spring pin, cotter pin, gas strut, valve cover, male adapter, support clamp, grease hose, hose assy, male elbow, bearing cover, fuel tank, fuel hose, O-ring, filter element, switch, seal kit, locator plate, connector, stud, mirror mount, etc.)

  • Boom components (tilt gear assy, capscrew, washer, bushing, hex nut, roller bracket, eccentric shaft, spacer hub, locking plate, thrust washer, face seal, lube fitting, pin, spider, cylinder retainer, tool eye, snap ring, etc.)

  • Drive train components (track link, pin, bushing, hex capscrew, hex nut, sealed washer, spacer, dowel, gasket, flange bolt, thrust washer, bracket, shaft, spring pin, plug, fitting, fork, wiper, piston, plate, cylinder assy, O-ring, poppet, valve assy, spring, spool, filter, orifice, disc plate, friction plate, oil seal, ball bearing, swash plate, seal kit, housing, shim kit, holder, sun gear, snap ring, inner race, drive gear, etc.)

  • Electrical components (temperature sensor, switch support, loctite, grease, tie-wrap, cover plate, clamp set, pressure switch, proximity sensor, engine control, lock washer, flat washer, battery, ground cable, service bracket, brass bushing, junction block, grommet, tube fitting, service indicator, etc.)

  • Hydraulic components (bushing, threaded plug, cylinder tube, ingestion ring, wear ring, piston seal, piston rod assy, hex socket, cylinder head, buffer seal, rod wiper, rod seal, lube fitting, protector plate, cushion plunger, ball, spring, hose guard, wide bearing, motor flange, joint pin, clamping pin, return rod, orifice, shaft seal, angle lever, measuring piston, O-ring, control element, locking screw, spring collar, upper crawler controller, straight adapter, solenoid valve, valve bracket, elbow, hose assy, cartridge, tube assy, connector, poppet, housing, shim ring, compression ring, jet, relief valve, plate, anti-drift valve, adapter, assembly kit, spool, cover, magnetic plug, thrust washer, needle roller, planet shaft, ring gear, bolt, lip seal, etc.)

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