About Komatsu

Nowadays Komatsu is one of the greatest producers of construction machinery and mining equipment. Komatsu Group includes 188 companies, where there are occupied more than 30 thousand people. The whole work of the company is based on five principles, which include environmental safety, the latest innovations, global thinking, special attention to all the customers and stuff development.

The key activity that brought worldwide popularity to the company is production of construction and mining machinery, industrial equipment, to which belong warehouse loaders. Estate property and cargo shipping are also of a great interest for Komatsu.

About 10 years PERIPARTS Company have been dealing with heavy machinery parts sales. Komatsu spare parts is not an exception here. We can offer you a wide range of heavy machinery parts:

  • Engines (2D70E-5, 3D67E-1, 3D68E-3HB, 3D74E-3, 3D84E-3, 3D84E-5, 3D88E-5, 4D94LE-2ZAD, 4D95LE-2, 6D125-1, 6D125E-2, S4D102E-1, S4D95LE-3, SAA4D107E-1, SAA6D102E-2, SAA6D114E-3, SDA12V140E-1, SA6D170E-3, SA6D140E-3, S6D95L-1 etc.)

  • Engine parts (cylinder sleeves, piston, piston ring etc.)

  • Undercarriage (track chain, track shoe, track shoe bolt, track shoe nut, track roller, carrier roller, drive sprocket, sprocket bolt, idler wheel, segment kit, master bolt, double carrier roller, single carrier roller etc.)

  • Belts (6732-61-4170, 6732-81-3330, 6743-61-3170, 6736-61-4110, 6754-61-4111 и etc.)

  • Filters (inner air filter, outer air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, anti-corrosive filter, hydraulic filter, suction filter, transmission filter, steering filter etc.)

  • Lubricants (engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, axial oil etc.)

  • Maintenance items (bucket teeth, blades, side cutters etc.)

  • Monitoring system (sensors, control unit, buzzer, warning lights, power supply etc.)

  • Vibratory hammer (JTHB08-3, JTHB10-3, JTHB20-3, JTHB30-3, JTHB40-3, JTHB50-3, JTHB60-3, JTHB120-3, JTHB350-3, JTHB450-3, JTHB650-3 etc.)

It is only a small part of the full list of all the parts offered by our company.

PERIPARTS Company supply the above-mentioned spare parts for Komatsu machinery of the following types:

  • Graders (830B, 850B, GD200A-1, GD300A-1, GD500R-2, GD505R-2, GD511A-1, GD521A-1E, GD530A(AW-2), GD555-3Lattera, GD623, GD650, GD650A-2C, GD655-3, GD655-3E0, GD655R-2, GD670A, GD705, GD705A-3, GD825A-2, GD705R-2 etc.)

  • Bulldozers (D155A-2E, D155AX-3, D155AX-6, D20P-7E, D21P-7, D275A-5, D31EX-21 Komstat, D32E-1, D32P-1 Plus, D375A-3, D37E-5, D37EX-22, D39EX-22, D39PX-22, D475A-3, D61E-12, D61EX-23, D65EX-16, D85ESS-2A, D85EX-15R, WD420-3, WD600-6 etc.)

  • Track excavators (HB215LC-1, PC100-5, PC100R-6, PC120-6, PC120-6 avance, PC128US-2, PC128UU-1, PC130-8, PC138US, PC138USLC, PC220LC-3, PC220LC-6LC, PC400-8R, PC400LC-6H, PC450LC-8 Demolition, PC600, PC650, PC75-3, PC78MR-1, PC95, PC75UU и etc.)

  • Wheeled excavators (PW110R-1, PW100-3, PW110R, PW128UU-1, PW130-7K, PW130ES-6, PW150-6, PW170, PW170-5, PW180-7EO, PW200-7, PW210, PW210-7, PW220-7K, PW75-2, PW95, PW95-2, PW95R etc.)  

  • Scrapers (WS16-2, WS16S-2, WS23S-1)

  • Track pipelayers (D155C-1, D355C-3, D85C-21)

  • Wheeled frontlift loaders (SD25-3, WA1200-3, WA180 PT-3 Active, WA200, WA200-5, WA270, WA270 PT-3 Active, WA320-5, WA350-3, WA380-6, WA430, WA470-3, WA480-5, WA500-3, WA500-7, WA600-6, WA700-5, WA800-3, WA900-3E0 etc.)

  • Demolition equipment (PC240LC-8, PC240NLC-8, PC350NLC-8, PC350LC-8, PC450HD-8, PC450LC-8 etc.)

  • Backhoe loaders (WA140-2, WB140, WB140-2N, WB146-5, WB150, WB150-2N, WB150AWS-2, WB150PS-2C, WB156PS-5, WB91R-2,  WB93R, WB93R-5, WB93S-5E0, WB97R, WB97R-5, WB97S-2, WB97S-5E0, WB97S-7, WB98, WB98A-2 etc.)

  • Frontlift mini-loaders (WA100M-5, WA115PT-3, WA30-5, WA50-3, WA65-3, WA65-6, WA70-5, WA75-3, WA80-5, WA85-3, WA90-6, WA95-3 etc.)

  • Feller bunchers (XT430-2/XT430L-2, XT445L, XT445L-2, XT450L)

  • Forwarders (835, 845, 855, 855.1, 865, 875, 895) 

  • Harvesters (901, 911, 931, 931XC, 951, PC200LC-8 H etc.)

  • Hydraulic mining excavators (PC1000LC-1, PC1000SP, PC1100-6, PC1100SP-6, PC1250-8, PC1250LC-7, PC1250SP-7, PC1250SP-8R, PC3000, PC5500-1, PC750, PC750-7, PC800-6, PC800LC-8, PC800LC-8 MH, PC800SE-7, PC850-8R, PC850SE-8R etc.)

  • Track mining bulldozers (155A-2E, D 155AX-3, D 275A-2, D 375A-2, D 375A-5, D 475A-3, D 575A-3, D 65E-12, D 85A-21, D 85E-21, D 85PX-15, D21A-7, D31E-20, D31PX-21 Komstat, D32E-1, D32E-1 Plus, D37E-5, D37EX-21, D39EX-21, D39PX-22 etc.)

  • Wheeled mining bulldozers (WD420-3, WD500-3, WD600-3, WD600-5, WD900-3)

  • Off-road mining dump trucks (630E, 730E-8, 830E-1AC, 860E-1K, 930E-3, 960E-2, 960Е-1, HD1200-1, HD1500-7, HD255-5, HD325-7, HD405-6, HD465-5, HD465-7, HD465-7E0, HD465-7R, HD605-5, HD605-7, HD605-7R, HD785-5, HD785-7, HD985-5 etc.)

  • Articulated dump trucks (HM250-2, HM300-1, HM300-2R, HM350-1, HM350-2R, HM400-1, HM400-2R, HM400-3M0)

  • Rotary crusher (BR100RG, BR250RG, BR480RG-1)

  • Other types of crushers (BR100J, BR100JG, BR100JG-2, BR120T, BR210JG, BR210JG-1, BR300J, BR350JG, BR380JG-1, BR380JG-1E0, BR500JG, BR550JG-1, BR580JG-1 etc.)

  • Cold planers (CS201-1, CS320-2, GC380F-2)

  • Track mini-loaders (CK20-1, CK25-1, CK30-1, CK35-1)

  • Skid steer mini-loaders (SK04J-2, SK05J-2, SK09J-2, SK1020-5, SK1026-5, SK510-5, SK714-5, SK815-5, SK818-5, SK820-5)

  • Mini-bulldozers (D155A-2E, D155AX-3, D155AX-6, D20P-7E, D21P-7, D275A-5, D31E-20, D31P-20, D32E-1, D32P-1, D355A, D375A-5, D37EX-21, D39EX-21, D39PX-22, D41PX, D65E-12E, D65P-12, D85ESS-2A, D85EX-15R, WD420-3, D65EX-15, WD600-6 etc.)

  • Track mini-excavators (PC01-1, PC03, PC07-2, PC10MR-1, PC14R-3, PC15MRX, PC15, PC16R-3, PC20, PC20-7, PC27MR-1, PC28UU, PC30-5, PC30MRX, PC30UU, PC35R-8, PC40FR-2, PC45, PC45-1E, PC50, PC60L, PC60-6, PC75UU-2, PC 78US-6, PC8YY-6 etc.)

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