About Waukesha

Waukesha Motor Company is an American company, a part of GE Energy, which specializes on the production of engines (119-3605 KW) (petrol, diesel, multi fuel, condensed natural gas and propane engines). These engines are used in tractors, heavy machinery, boats, ships, alternators. Among the other products of the company you may find gas alternator power sets for factories or hospital maintenance working on natural gas, propane or associated gas.

  • The lineup of Waukesha engines is as following: (8L-AT27GL, 12V-AT27GL, 16V-AT27GL, VHP3600G, VHP5900G, VHP3604GSI(D), VHP7100G, VHP7100GSI(D), VHP7100GL, VHP5904GSI(D), VHP5904LT(D), VHP7104GSI(D), VHP9500GL, VHP9500GSI, VGF18GL(D), VGF18GSID, VGF24GL(D), VGF24GSID, VGF36GL(D), VGF36GSID, VGF48GL(D), VGF48GSID, APG1000, APG2000, APG3000).
  • The lineup of Waukesha gas alternator power sets includes: (VSG11G, VSG11GSI/GSID, VGF18GSID, VGF18GL/GLD, VGF24GSID, VGF24GL/GLD, VGF36GSID, VGF36GL/GLD, VGF48GSID, VGF48GL/GLD, VHP2900GL, VHP2900GSI, VHP3600GL, VHP3600GSI, VHP3604GSI, VHP7100G, VHP5900GL, VHP9500G, VHP5904GSI/GSID, VHP5904LT, VHP7100GL, VHP7100GSI/GSID, VHP7104GSI/GSID, VHP9500GL, VHP9500GSI, 8L-AT27GL, 16V-AT27GL)

PERIPARTS Company offers a wide range of almost any spare parts for qualitative maintenance and repair of Waukesha engines and generators, including:

  • Camshaft components (idler gear shaft, pin, idler gear assy, idler gear thrust washer, self-locking capscrew, balancing shaft bushing, lock screw gasket, valve lifter, camshaft, lock washer, adjusting screw nut, oil thrower, oil seal, thrust plate, balancing shaft)
  • Carburetor components (stud, intake manifold gasket, heater gasket, heater shield, vertical jet, air bleed tube, body, toggle valve, elbow, fuel jet, fiber gasket, spring nut, float gauge, bracket, lock washer, fuel valve indicator, jet plug screw)
  • Exhaust manifold components (exhaust manifold assembly, manifold gasket, exhaust manifold nut, allen head pipe plug, surge tank, water injection spray, injection spray gasket, spray ring clamp, exhaust pipe flange, removable spacer, lock washer)
  • Intake manifold components (mixture manifold heater, hex head capscrew, manifold gasket, lock washer, carburetor stud, intake manifold gasket, thermometer assembly, carburetor heater shield)
  • Rocker arm components (spacer, oil seal container, O-ring, rocker arm support, hex head capscrew, lock washer, push rod tube, valve gear tray, gear cover gasket, set screw, stud, ball handle, intermittent oil line, union elbow, intake valve guide sleeve, plain washer, needle bearing)
  • Variable compression cylinder components (valve seat insert, exhaust/intake valve guide, intake stud/valve, valve spring cup, felt washer, dial indicator, adjusting screw, hose fitting, micrometer stop bracket, valve rotator, cylinder casting, standard seat insert, carburetor stud, cup gasket, felt washers, piston assembly, valve tapers)
  • Condenser components (medium lock washer, condenser pipe assembly, water pipe gasket, water pipe inlet body, water inlet screw, ball valve drain, union nut, water jacket thermometer)
  • Instrument panel assembly (elbow, adapter, flexible hose, lock washer, hex nut, rubber grommet, nylon washer, connection nameplate, oil heater switch, switch plate, washer, round head screw, transformer, ammeter, RPM indicator, oil pressure gauge, restrictor jet, knockmeter, vacuum gauge, coupling female)
  • Temperature controller components (temperature controller, heater power cable, thermistor cable, console cable, nameplate, nylon washer, thermistor probe, copper gasket, meter knob cover, knob cover bracket, elastic stop hex nut)
  • Oil pump, screen, relief valve components (oil relief valve housing, relief valve plunger, oil valve spring, oil relief valve lock nut, lock washer, pipe elbow, service tee, oil suction tube, male connector, male elbow, oil pressure tube, oil pump assembly, socket head capscrew, taper pin, oil screen support plate, oil tube, oil screen, locating pin, support plate gasket, oil pump)

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